Week inspiration: Stay SMILEfull

Today is a new day yo, how is everyone doing, how was your weekend? It's time to get up and go to work, and regardless of your busy day, don't forget to smile today?

I know cheesy right? When you consider the crazy things that happen on the street of Lagos - fight with conductors, a car splashing mud on you, getting fish smell all over you in a public transport you happened to enter, and other unimaginable events, the last thing that comes to mind is to "smile" right? But hey! You just have to.

I have experienced first hand what a smile can do. It not only lift your spirit up, but whoever you smile to might be encouraged cos of that little mouth flex. You don't know what the other person next to you is going through, and just a smile from you can change things in ways you just can't imagine.

I was smiled at in a bad day, by someone I don't even know. And guess what, I felt I could conquer the world. I knew I was above my troubles then and I lived throughout that day, in a very good mood. So SMILE! Help someone lift a mood up. Help yourself lift your mood - and on a plus side, there is no one that looks ugly with a smile, you will always look so much better.

Stay smiling 💞
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