What The Huh? Strapless Wedding Dress Palava

If I start to talk, my sisters e no go end o. Mehn I'm confused I don't know where to start from. Let me just put it plainly, don't ever ever everrrr where a strapless wedding dress that isn't your size. I mean come on ladies! It's your big day for crying out loud; why wear something that will eventually (if not embarrass you finish) make you feel so uncomfortable.

Forget that crap abeg - Is talking about it not making you uncomfortable, are you forgetting your dance off, or the thousand of eyes on you that day? So why start pulling up or down every two to three seconds. Please again, get the perfect cup size, not too small that it will want to spill the boobs out and not too big that your boobs will disappear.

Is it a fashion faux for your boobs not to fit your cup? Hell yah! Is it a crime punishable by jail term for it not to fit on your wedding day? Double hell yah lool! please and please let's stop this!. 

 Make it a perfect fit

Consider your dance moves
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