What The Huh?? Victoria Beckham's All-blue Charade!

In this new category of “What the Huh??”, we are going to be discussing fashion looks, what's right to wear and what's not, and if you feel you need to contribute your views, you are definitely free to comment as your thoughts would be much appreciated;

On this episode, we will be talking about Victoria Beckham's all blue 'buhaha' which was spotted on her at the airport in New York City. She paired a striped collared shirt with a long pleated skirt, which she accessorized with pastel blue clutch, and white leather heels.

First of - "What is this?" I keep looking at this picture to try and find something good about the whole outfit, since 'well' it's Victoria Beckham, but no matter how hard I try, it just seem more confusing.

I admire Victoria's style alot and she's one of my favorite style influencer but this one doesn't do it for me. The blue just seem so uncoordinated! Maybe if she broke it up a little with a less muted color it won't look so parlous, or could it be the way she put the pieces together?? And what's up with the skirt? Looks like a new secondary school student's uniform or one the tailor forgot to measure properly.

Break the blue up with another color like Chic Ama did here, and you are close to looking great.

What's your word on this guys?
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