What Is Style To Students On Campus? Vol 1

In campuses of various tertiary institutions of learning, different fashions are exhibited and divergent fashion views expressed in students daily attires.

The time spent at university and (more specifically) on campus is a fantastic proving ground for your own experimentation and helps provide an excellent source of inspiration.

With so many young people grouped together, it becomes a huge melting pot of styles, trends and ideas that you can learn from, if you’re willing to put in the work. Obviously, fashion has gone beyond what we ordinarily think of it.

Some undergraduates views about style:

A 400 level female student of History and International Relations, Federal University, Otuoke, Jaydee said "style" is all about comfort and personality. “I wear clothes depending on the occasion. Fashion is a choice depending on what you want.

I get my fashion items online, stores, dealers. It doesn’t need to cost me much to be fashionable”; she said.

Ijeoma, a 300 level student of Mass Communication, said she “likes to appear real and casual. I like jeans and top, I like the ripped jeans, that is what is trending now. Money na em dey cook better soup. For one to be gorgeous, you have to put in for it; I don’t need to spend much, my comfortability matters and I do most of my shoppings in Port Harcourt”, she said.

However, for Rachael, a 400 level student of English and Communication Studies, Federal University, Otuoke, the stylish Ankara designed outfit remains a great delight anytime any day.

“I am more or less indigenous, I love the African stylish trends. For me, I don’t need to spend more to look beautiful. I wear clothes to look good and I do my shoppings in Port Harcourt and Aba,” she said. Racheal’s dress sense is inspired by top model, Ronke Fela.

A 400 level student of Sociology and Anthropology, Federal University, Otuoke, Edward, said being fashionable differs in individuals. Apart from wearing clothes that suite him, he also puts on fashionable clothes for people to admire.

“I don’t go for trending wears, and I love the English wears than the native ones. I don’t wear clothes based on occasion. As far as it is good on me, I go for it”, he said.

Charles’ dress sense is simply inspired by being neat and appearing gorgeous. “I like what is trending and colourful. Naturally, l look good and unique in English and traditional attires. Simplicity is my own tag”, he added.

The few we can take until next time. Be inspired!
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