Why Lawyers Wear Black And White.

If you want your clients to trust you, the judge to take you seriously, the jury to believe you, then you must appear your best. Law, as a profession, has a lot to do with appearances. As they say, first impressions are the lasting impressions.

We must then ask why the professionals in the legal field have adopted black and white as their identity colours? Are there no other colours that would have been better suited to represent the legal profession?

The black color was chosen because of two reasons. Firstly, colors and dyes were not readily available back in the early days of the legal profession. Purple signified royalty and thus, the only abundant fabric color left was black.

The main reason behind wearing a black coat is because black is the color of authority and power. Black represents submission of oneself. Just like priests wear black to show their submission to God, lawyers wear black to show their submission to justice.

The color white signifies light, goodness, innocence and purity. As a lawyer is the only hope of justice for a common man, the color white is chosen to represent him.

What Is The Big Deal With The White Band?

The two pieces of white cloth joined together to form the advocate’s bands represent the Tablets Of The Laws or Tablets Of Stone. These are the tablets that, according to the Christian belief, were used by Moses for inscribing the 10 Commandments which he received from a burning bush on Mt. Sinai.

The 10 Commandments are believed to be the first example of a uniform coded law. The shape of the band is also similar to the rounded off rectangular tablets. Thus, the white advocate’s bands represent the upholding of the laws of God and of men.

Interesting, isn’t it? Now surely you won’t wonder why lawyers wear the black and white dress and will come to respect it more.

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