Why We Love: Afrocentric King Adekunle Gold

There are many reasons we love Adekunle Gold, but it all boils down to one attribute he consistently displays: An excellent touch. This excellence is evident in his music, his work as a graphic designer - and his sense of style too!

Adekunle Gold's wardrobe sings of a deep richness in beauty, royalty and culture. He never fails to get us all dovey eyed every time he pulls off his signature fusion of Adire and Batik with modern fashion, giving him a truly Golden Royal look.

This'Afro centric'style, as it is dubbed by the media is clearly reflected in his music too, as he brings the native singing of Yoruba folk into highlife, hip hop and commercial music: a combo he calls 'URBAN HIGHLIFE'. He's a true master at uniting ancient with modern!.

Three things to know about StyleHubDAILY's current lover boy:

His interest in music began when he listened to KSA and Ebenezer Obey.

He graduated from Laspotech with a Higher National Diploma degree in Arts and Design.

He is actually of royal blood, from the Kosoko family in Lagos! Now we understand his lifestyle of culture, artistry and royalty!

Be inspired by this star's appreciation of the beauty birthed from our culture!

Why We Love: Afrocentric King Adekunle Gold Why We Love: Afrocentric King Adekunle Gold Reviewed by subomi balogun on June 22, 2017 Rating: 5

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