Why We Love: Janelle Monae Robinson

What isn't there to love about this gorgeous and delectable woman. For those who do not know - Janelle Monae is an American singer, songwriter, actress and a gorgeous model; oh no, these ain't the only reason why we love her! Her unique and head-turning style is what has made us stand still in awe of this iconic lady.

She isn't one to come out without her signature white and black pieces, and boy does she pull it off so well!. I have never seen anyone rock white and black the way this woman does; not even lawyers. She just has a way of adding sauce and elegance to each piece she pulls off.

Some may wonder: "Why the constant black and white looks from her?" And she has given us an answer - She says it has to do with the inspiring women in her life; that is her mother and grandmother who were working class citizens and had to wear uniforms to be identified as workers.

She says: "I am a minimalist by heart, but a lot of it had to do with wanting to have a uniform that connects me to my root". It is a source of inspiration and motivation from her background that keeps her straight and grounded to her roots.

On the many reasons Janelle has given us on why we must love her; we also love her for all her classic tuxedos, her tasteful hairstyles, her knack for hats and the whole white and black experience she has taken us through.

Her classic tuxedo styles

Her tasteful hairstyles

Her knack for hats

The white and black experience 

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