Why We Love: Style Influencer and Creative Force, Akin Faminu

Akin Faminu is a Medical student and men's style blogger. This dapper gent has got a fascinating gallery of pictures. As a med student, (medical doctor in the making) he has created a niche in the fashion world today and gradually writing his name in the sands of time.

From a kin assessment of this dapper gent, we can boldly conclude that Akin Faminu is a full package - a definition of both creativity, fashion and style.

Fashion is what you see in magazines. It is the beautiful branded clothes that are there to inspire you to consume and to tell you what the next trends will be.

Akin Faminu is what I see in magazines and his choice of clothes truly inspires - He is truly a fashion statement!. Every clothe he wears, be it casual or formal or native, is an expression of his unique vintage styles.

Style is:
What you feel comfortable in. 
How you portray yourself on a daily basis.
The way you carry yourself and the way you present yourself.
How people interpret who you are.... 

Style is:
Akin Faminu

It’s no news that Fashion is in line with creativity like never before, which in truth is hardly surprising. After all, what is fashion if not Art? Akin Faminu's ability to creatively mix prints and patterned outfits, combine colors and still look good is refreshing as well as breathtaking.

He is a fusion between Sartorial Fashion and African Art, expressed through his creative body painting, beaded details and vintage concepts - a mix which creates a dynamic and iconic look that cannot go unnoticed.

I'm certain that this style enthusiast knows who he is and has become a powerful and influencial force today because he was able to build his personal style.

Build your style
Create a niche
Be inspired

Why We Love: Style Influencer and Creative Force, Akin Faminu Why We Love: Style Influencer and Creative Force, Akin Faminu Reviewed by Timi Buseri on June 29, 2017 Rating: 5

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