Wrist Watches Are More Than A Should-have: It's A Must-have!

Watches are a very essential part of fashion and accessories, but the value they contribute goes way beyond wrist decoration and adornment - it actually improve ones personality.

What elevates the importance of a watch to a must have item?


Having your watch with you helps you to be constantly aware of the time, and this consciousness brings a boost to your ability to manage time. Those of you that use them will understand this point very well. When you constantly work with time, you learn to be more disciplined, because time is constantly progressing before your very eyes, and you don’t want to be left behind.


“What says the time?” The interviewer asked.
“Its, uh……..” the candidate stammered and reached for his phone in his pants pocket. The interviewer watched in distaste as he fumbled with the phone for a moment, first having to wait for it to come on and boot before he could tell what the time was.
“It’s eight forty-two, sir.” The candidate looked up to see a frown of great displeasure etched in his interviewer’s face.
“Where is your watch? So this is the hell you must go through first before you can tell the time?” 
“No, not really sir, I had to put off my phone before coming in...”

“Is that meant to be an excuse? Are you not expected to keep your phone off at an interview? What if your phone was dead, and there was no clock in sight? How would you be able to tell the time? What if you were stuck in traffic on the way here? How would you be able to tell how much time you had left, and so know whether you could wait for traffic to ease up, or find an alternative way to be here on time? ”

The candidate stared gaping, dumbfounded.

“When I asked you for the time, it was eight thirty-nine, not forty-two. So you were even wrong. It took you three good minutes to tell the time, three precious minutes that would have never been wasted if only you had the sense to get a good watch. If this was to be a test, you would have failed woefully. And this is actually the first test; you failed. I’m sorry, but time is too precious to be compromised by irresponsible people, as you’ve clearly shown yourself to be. ”
There was a sudden shrill noise: the phone was ringing. The interviewer raised his brows.
“Exactly my point. Please leave my office.”

This experience is no fiction story; it really happened to someone I know. Having a watch was the first test for applicants, and five of the eight people that applied failed the test. One of my mentors also told me how he organized an important seminar for his employees and stood at the door, sending away everyone that didn’t have a watch. Nobody needed to tell them next time to go armed with their watches.

Because time is a precious commodity that is never taken for granted by purposeful people that know its' value, the wrist watch gives its' wearer a demeanor of someone that knows what he’s doing. And this is very important when making an impression.


Wearing a watch when dressing up to go out puts that final touch of completion to your outfit - whether it's jeans and a tee or polo, a shirt and slacks, a dinner outfit - whatever, it completes and spices up your look. It’s like putting a finishing touch to your work - that “it’s done” kind of feeling.

Also it gives a look of maturity to your overall presentation. When you see someone that wears a watch and someone that doesn’t, the difference is so clear.


A watch tells a lot about its wearer’s personality and sense of style. So someone will look at you and have a perception of what kind of person you are, without even meeting you.

There are a hundred more reasons that make a watch a must-have, but these are enough to help you understand. Watches are one of the most classic timeless pieces found in the world, and they’re worthy of their cost. So go get one now if you don’t already have.
Wrist Watches Are More Than A Should-have: It's A Must-have!  Wrist Watches Are More Than A Should-have: It's A Must-have! Reviewed by subomi balogun on June 29, 2017 Rating: 5

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