5 Top Ways To Shimmer And Sparkle In Metallics

Metallic styles are not one to mess with - they readily call for attention immediately you wear one; could be in shoes, jackets, purse and other fashionable statement, and the amazing thing about it is that one can dress it up or down depending on the look and event you are going for.

Metallics have made it to the top list of trend to try this season and it’s not to late to give this one a go. Like I said, it naturally dresses up an outfit and so the key to keeping things subtle and classy is to to be careful with the way it is being styled.

Whether  your metallic is in gold, silver, or sequins styles, some of the major points to note down are;

• The key to pulling off an outfit featuring a metallic piece is to wear it in small doses. This is, of course, unless you’re looking to create a bold statement with your metallic pieces (but remember to break it off with a neutral color).
• Another really simple way to level up your look is to throw in the tiniest hint of metallic here and there. Wearing metallic accessories or make-up with any look is a great way to add some subtle festive shimmer and shine to your ensemble.

• Layer it up with the proper fabric (eg; metallic goes well with chiffon and silky materials).
• Make sure your combining pieces complement perfectly.
• Pastel colors work best with your metallics but for a pop of color, keep the rest of the look muted (remember your metallic already draws attention and you don't want to look like a retro clown).

On how you may want to pair it, you can always pair with denim, go all out with your metallic, and you can also pair it with a shade close to the metallic color or any other colour which will compliment your look fashionably.

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