6 Must-Have Footwear For Every University Girl

As a student myself who has spent almost four years in the university, I think it is safe to say this topic is coming from experience! so I will like to play the big sister role for those about to come into the university and adviser to those who still get it wrong despite still being in the university all this years.

Having the right footwear in your shoe closet goes a long way to keeping you comfortable, stylish and trendy every time.

Some are best for running around venues or classes like sheep that has lost it's shepherd; which actually in most cases you might be. And others are just to go around feeling like a style star.

Therefore to get the scoop on the essential and most basic footwear a university student must own, keep reading below:

1. Flat Shoes:

There are some classic footwear that stands the test of time, weather and situation and these are the flat shoe. You can rock these babies on jeans, skirts, dresses and any other style of outfit there is out there. You most definitely can rock it to class, church, or any casual hangout you have. I favour the ones with the pointed mouth, they just have a way of changing up a simple look, so make sure to have at least two pair of this footwear.

2. Sneakers:

The second pair of footwear to own which is second most important is the sneakers. This piece of accessory is a classic and versatile pair and you can get any type depending on your personality and style preference. However, it will be nice if you get a white pair, black and any other unique type and colour that won't restrict the type of outfit to rock it with.

3. Sandals:

The third most important is the sandal. This also is very important as per the fact that it has the power to give you that chic, casual and slay look. You can never go wrong in a pair of beautiful, unique sandals and yes; there are a whole lot of mouth watering designs right now, so go get them, plus they are great for this rainy days.

4. Comfortable Heels:

The fourth on the list is a pair (or more) of comfortable heels. We all know what heels are and how much they can change up a look depending on the type you get, so if you are up for it you can get them in different types - from the open toe to the ankle strap sandals or even your buggy block heels - but I have always had a preference for ankle boot heels, so what ever type you purchase will help you especially when going to church, or any other event.

5. Oxford Brogues:

The fifth which is more on the stylish note is owning a pair of brogues. Yes they are men's footwear but we have managed to make it ours and have been slaying in them for a while now. You should own this pair so as to switch up looks once in a while. They are stylish, comfy and fashionable and yes you rock them.

Check out how to style your brogues: HERE

6. Slippers:

The sixth is a pair of slippers. Nothing much to this one, but people like me rock them to class when going for that very laid back stress free look. They are great, stylish and comfortable and also really easy to wear, so it's important you own a pair of this easy breezy footwear.

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