Agbada Style: The Current Slay Look For Men's Fashion

The days are gone when "Agbada" was only worn by fathers and “Big Men” or “Ogas” for traditional ceremonies and weddings.

Today, men's fashion has seen Agbada as the new fashion style for fashionable men, celebrities, movie stars, music video styles and young men all over.

Agbada style is as old as I and you are, if not older us. The attire has its' roots in the Yoruba culture of southwestern Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, West Africa but has grown to be widely accepted by most Nigerian cultures and other West African communities.

Now Agbada is worn by most tribes in Nigeria. However, owning one is not what’s important, knowing how to style it is.

From the runway to the red carpet, men’s fashion all over is slaying it big time in Agbada styles. Whether long, short or mid-length, men and even women are adorning themselves in various designs of this regal attire. Although the new trends are not exactly like the heavy weighted styles that our fathers wore.

Designers are experimenting with different fabrics and embroidery ranging from formal, dressy, casual and edgy designs. Fashion-forward designs are lighter, more form-fitting and less difficult to wear.

A two piece dashiki and trousers is just as acceptable as a four piece ensemble tailored in dapper styles which you can rock to any occasion.

We always want to make sure you show up to that wedding looking dapper as ever and probably stealing the hearts of some women who also show up at that wedding; which is why we have put together a few trendy looks as seen on Instagram that will give you some style inspiration.


Be Inspired.
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