Body Noire #2: A Celebration Of Black Female Bodies

On the second edition of the Body Noire movement by Abi Ishola, 6 beautiful black women were photographed, and they spoke on the struggles and how they have come to love their bodies over the years.

This photo art is not just to show off a beautiful picture, but to cover the style, beauty, culture that transcends the beauty of black women.

Some of us are insecure about something that has to do with us, some have actually gotten past this insecurities, while some of us are still struggling with it.

This edition gives a highlight into their past insecurities, about black female bodies, and how we have been politicized, scrutinized and yet copied to no end.

"When I think about black women bodies, a variety of emotions come to mind: pride, because with our presence, comes a story. When we occupy space, we exude confidence, incomparable beauty and swag about us that commands attention. We're not a monolithic bunch, and i love being representative of the power found in our difference. If you haven't realised already, #blackgirlmagic exist."

Photography by @shotbybank
Makeup by Yetty Bames
Creative direction by Abi Ishola @aishola
Body Noire #2: A Celebration Of Black Female Bodies Body Noire #2: A Celebration Of Black Female Bodies Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on July 14, 2017 Rating: 5

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