Dehydration Effects On Our Lifestyle

So many of us are walking about dehydrated every day, and we don’t even know. This is because the symptoms of dehydration come slowly, and are not easily recognized.

We all need to be informed on the dire importance of staying hydrated, because this seemingly small thing actually affects your finances, your health, and even your family life and relationships.

Let’s see how dehydration makes this possible.


You remember how as a kid when you played with your friends for too long in the sun, someone was very likely to develop a high fever? Well there’s an explanation for it.

Your body is designed to let out excess heat through sweating. When your body heat rises above normal as a result of physical exertion or being in a hot and stuffy place or receiving the generous blessings of the sun, the skin pores open up, and the heat is let out like steam, which condenses on the skin and later evaporates.
But this steam involves water, right? So when there isn't enough water in the body, it becomes difficult for the body to keep its heat at normal level. The heat stays trapped in the body, and your core temperature continues to rise.

This could lead to heat stroke, and heat stroke is not a joke, honestly. But fortunately heat stroke is rare and can be avoided. The moment you're beginning to feel too hot, and you notice that you've practically stopped sweating, stop what you're doing or leave that place that’s toasting you, go get a cold drink-not alcohol o!


The blood actually constantly nourishes the muscles by circulating with its life giving content. But when the body begins to lack enough water - even a little - it makes blood flow less and nourish less. So you find you can't do much. Something that you usually get done in a jiffy suddenly becomes the mountain of the year.


The body doesn't like it when it's getting short of its water supply. Mood swings, tiredness, headaches, anxiety and short memory are among the things that manifest.


A severe loss of fluids may make a bathroom break impossible, but if the result in the toilet bowl is dark yellow, you should be concerned, and if it's brown or reddish in color, you need to get yourself to a doctor.

These things seriously affect our ability to work and handle stress in our daily lives. And this means that your abilities and skills are directly affected too. Dehydration means you'll be doing a lot less than you can actually do, and your mind becomes less intelligent and creative.  There’s no ginger. You don’t feel good about a lot of things and life in general. You know what needs to be done but can’t get yourself to do it. There’s no willingness to do anything. 


You come across some people who are just not committed and hardworking no matter what you say or do to them, who take a lax approach to everything, and you just wonder; "What's going on with this guy/lady?" But this could actually be the answer!

If teachers, should actually take this discovery seriously, they might be surprised to find out that some of their dull students are actually bright; they just need more water! Amazing!


Very simple-listen to your body. You don’t need a doctor to tell you when you need water. Watch your mood. Watch your urine, too (this is one of the best indicators, so if in three hours you haven’t even felt like going to the bathroom, you’re already dehydrated).

It should be pale yellow in color. If its darker then you need more water. Your body will send signals; make sure you respond promptly.

Also, drink a lot of water without waiting to get thirsty. A lot of people don’t feel thirsty even when they’re hydrated, so you shouldn’t rely on thirst to be your reminder. 

You shouldn't be going to pee every fifteen minutes, but you should take enough to get you there at least five, six times during the day.

Let’s take a healthy approach to our daily living and stay hydrated.
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