DIY: Time To Fold That Pocket Square Right

Most men don’t know how to fold their pocket squares right. You see this happens a lot at wedding parties or any formal event that requires our men to suit up. It’s immediately obvious that they just hurriedly folded it in a haphazard shape and stuffed it into the pocket, just to have something there.

Can you still look great in your suit or tux without it's pocket square? Absolutely! So don't think it's compulsory to wear one - but mind you, you can't attend some formal or ceremonious event without having your pocket square on.

You would immediately feel really drab and out of place without one so it's important to know how to correctly fold your pocket square for a sharp and elegant feel to an otherwise ordinary looking suit.

Small as it is, that piece of cloth makes its' wearer stand out nicely, and if you’d like to turn some heads, then this is for you. What’s more, the right fold is actually quite easy to achieve, so why not just learn it and give your outfit the personal, unique touch it deserves?

Therefore, in this post we’re gonna learn how to fold pocket squares right, and we believe this post will benefit you even if you’re a lady; you can help teach our men how to pull it off.

The infographic below by RealMenRealStyle illustrates nine out of the numerous ways you can fold your pocket square. Give them all a try and choose whichever suits your fancy.

Now go ahead and give it a try; then you can decide if it’s your thing or not. But we’re sure you’ll enjoy it-and so will everyone that sees you, too.
DIY: Time To Fold That Pocket Square Right DIY: Time To Fold That Pocket Square Right Reviewed by subomi balogun on July 08, 2017 Rating: 5

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