Fashion x Creativity: Has The Line Been Crossed?!

Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! It has tried over and over again to evolve, and it actually has done that. But I'm sure a lot of us have watched runway shows either on Spice, Fashion TV, or actually even gone to an actual fashion show, but end up coming out confused as to who wants to wear the pieces that were just showcased.

Just as daily fashion and art infuses to bring out master pieces, so also does creativity come to play. The question of whether fashion and creativity hasn't crossed the line of insanity is not far from our lips, but as always some will say it's all about the creativity and effect.

The question still is, who will rock this pieces out there! Do you see yourself rocking things like this! can this still be called creativity or a waste of resources?

Let's know your opinion in the comments section below:

Fashion x Creativity: Has The Line Been Crossed?! Fashion x Creativity: Has The Line Been Crossed?! Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on July 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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