Fashionable For Church : Are There Really Rules/Laws To This!!!

Really when I think about it, I still get confused over a whole lot of things we Nigerians have created for ourselves. What really is fashionable for church and what's not? Who put out the rules? Who is the judge or jury!!!

What is the problem you will ask! Well my problem or let me pose it as a question to you all; What exactly is fashionable or in quote the right look to go with when entering a church? I really do not want to get into the whole argument of church doctrines and all that crazy topic because if I do, we will not leave here.

So here is the bone of contention; I wanted to go to church, I was in the mood for a dark look and not the regular nude look or something with red lipstick, so I decided to go black.

The issue here now is the black lipstick o! I kept getting this looks from different chicatos until one was bold enough to ask with a fake church smile "Why are you on black lipstick in church" and I'm like *eyebrow raised* "really nigress"!!!

It made me remember the first day I tried the look; My mum was the one who was like "I don't like it, it's not right for church" but I figured it's just her and her subtle ways. However, with this happening again - it has made me curious, so i decided to throw it out to you guys?

Is there are particular shade of lipstick you can rock to church? Are there lip colours or makeup looks that just are not right to take to church??? Because I believe that if you can rock a bold red lipstick or even shimmering gold eye-shadow to church, then what is wrong with black, or green, or even purple lips???

What is your thought on this issue? Nope, there is no big deal to it or Yep there is a serious issue with it!!

Fashionable For Church : Are There Really Rules/Laws To This!!! Fashionable For Church : Are There Really Rules/Laws To This!!! Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on July 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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