Getting Married In Nigeria: The Pros and Cons!

Weddings in Nigeria is one of the most celebrated and memorable occasion in the life of any Nigerian couple. It's a day when every other thing presses 'Hold' as the couples are the only focal point of focus.

Unlike wedding ceremonies in the western world where marriages are not a big deal and can happen at any time, anywhere or with just few people in attendance. It's not the case for Nigerian weddings as it takes a whole lot of stages, planning and protocols to follow.

Everybody looks forward to the day. And i must say, it is easily one of the most flamboyant and attractive wedding displays in the world today.

This comprehensive article on wedding proceedings in Nigeria is a detailed post on all the stages involved in marriage to a Nigerian girl child. So read on and get the juice of the matter...

A Nigerian wedding takes three to four different stages, from the formal introduction to the paying of dowry and traditional marriage where every member of the family, both nuclear and extended and friends are invited while the church wedding (sometimes) happens to be the final stage of marriage in Nigeria.

First is the introduction – As done everywhere, a man walks up to any lady he fancies and begin a conversation. If/when she says ‘yes,’ he goes ahead to see her father. This is the first formal introduction.

However, tradition demands that he makes due consultation before the formal introduction. (This is where he expresses his desire to take a wife and live with her). Here, very close relatives are invited to hear what the man has to say. A date is then fixed for the traditional wedding.

The Nigeria traditional wedding is carried out at the house of the bride’s father. As the name implies, it is traditional wedding and traditional rites are carried out. It involves lots of protocols and often begins with the ‘game of search'.

This takes the form of a game, where the girl is given a glass of wine to fish out her man from the crowd and give it to him. The man on his own would take a concealed position making it a hard task for the pretty bride who drifts through the crowd searching for the right man while avoiding the wrong men.

After the search game, then the dance by the bride and groom while the guest join them and show their appreciation by showering them with money.

Note That: A girl in Nigeria is assumed to be in the ‘single and searching ' mode until a man pays her dowry.

There is nothing else that gives you the right over her except the payment of her dowry. One could think the dowry that is often talked about is a huge sum of money but it is not. It is simply a courtesy, a show of readiness of a man's ability to take a wife and the ability to sustain her.

After the Traditional wedding comes the church wedding. This is the loudest stage of Nigerian weddings as the entire world is invited and the man is dressed in suit while the lady is in her white wedding gown. Most Christians in Nigeria can only give their daughter fully to a man after the church wedding, as it is termed – ‘the wedding before God’.

The church wedding involves the joining of the couples in the presence of God
and other witnesses. Then the signing of register, followed by the celebration, the party, the foods and drinks. This is all about Nigerian weddings.
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