Grooming Issues: Dragon Breath

When people turn away from you when you’re talking to them. Then ask your close friends too. If you have bad breath they probably know but they never said anything for fear of hurting you. So implore them to be honest, tell them it's for your own benefit, and ask.

Smell your breath. You know how to do it; cup your hand(s) in front of your face, exhale with your mouth, inhale with your nose. If you’re appalled by what you perceive, chances are nobody will love it either.

Keeping your breath fresh is very essential to your communication life, especially when you’re the chatty type. So how can you keep it that way all through the day, even with your busy schedule?

Early morning mouth rinse

When you get up in the morning, make sure to gargle and rinse your mouth with water to get rid of the morning breath. I know you're not going out yet, but don't injure your family and threaten their lungs with all that buildup from last night.

Brush your teeth well

Brush well to prevent rotting teeth, and your tongue too, especially the back. One study found that brushing the tongue reduced bad breath by seventy percent!

Drink lots of water during the day

Not drinking enough water leaves the mouth dry, and this is a leading cause of bad breath. So make sure you take lots of water, cos they dilute the bacteria and stomach fluids that would cause ad breath. Also swish some water in your mouth once you're done with a meal. This will reduce the number of food particles that bacteria can work on.

Use dental Floss

We don't really use this around here, but it lends a mighty help to daily fresh breath. Flossing your teeth at least once a day cleans the places that your toothbrush doesn't reach, removes plaque, and prevents gum disease.

Eat fruits and veggies

Fruits like apple, carrots, pineapples are abrasive and fibrous in nature (a kind of scrub your mouth nature) and contain vitamins that help whiten the teeth, remove plaque and wash the mouth.

Carry sugarless mint and gum around with you

Why sugarless?

Obviously because the sugar in regular gum will do no good to your teeth - it contributes to cavities, which contributes in turn to mouth odor and causes unbearable pain. Moreover taking something with sugar for bad breath is like replacing one problem with another; you substitute bad breath with damaged teeth.

Sugarless gum contains Xylitol, a chemical that will create a diversion for bacteria to cling to instead of your teeth.  Do this in moderation though; chewing gum occasionally is harmless, but chewing it every day presents new problems. Use water and fruits more, and let your pack of gum last for up to a week instead of running out in two days.

Don’t Smoke

You know better than to do that if you want to avoid bad breath. Licking TomTom will do nothing to cover this smell.

A note to onion lovers:

Don't eat onions before going out! My younger sister loves doing this. And though it has its advantages - like the way it has kept her eyes bright and clear - it makes everyone scatter and beg her not to talk again. Garlic and onion residues have a very strong repulsive smell, and you must avoid it if you're going out. And avoid foods with lots of them too. Otherwise have your sugarless gum or your toothbrush and toothpaste to help clean out your mouth. Ehen and locust beans too - please don't.

See your dentist every six months

Your dentist will give you a deep cleaning that helps to prevent plaque buildup, and check your mouth for cavities or gum disease, which might cause bad breath. He can also refer you to a doctor if your bad breath appears to be the result of a medical condition, such as a sinus or lung infection, bronchitis, metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, or liver or kidney disease.

I invented this measure myself. Take a hand fan around with you and fan your mouth and tongue from time to time lol.

Enjoy a fresh breath life!
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