How Do You Match Your Bag With Your Outfit?! Let's Show You The Perfect Ways To

Someone requested I do a post on this because she was confused on how to match her outfits with her bags, and I was like hmmm ok cool!! I will do it to help other confused ladies out there.

You may just be starting off on trying to be fashionable and trendy, or some of you are already there but still manage in a way to get it wrong. This post right now is for y'all and it would help you I believe, get a clearer understanding of your bag and you.

It cannot be over emphasized on how much of a style statement, importance, and versatile a hand bag is. Your bag says a lot about you, and the type of bag you match with your outfit also says a lot about how much knowledge you have about your bag. It is known that the finishing touch to every outfit is a good quality handbag.

Oh no another set of rules - Oh yes more rules!!! But it's not that big of a deal, so do not take it too seriously and also not too casually either.

• First note of order is to know the different types of bag and how to pair them perfectly with an outfit. You can not go around with a shopping bag to an office - that is more than a criminal offence.

• Second thing is the mental question you ask yourself; 'where am I going to?' 'Is it to the office, dinner, school, shopping or a casual date?' Always take note of the occasion and the look you decide to go for the match your handbag accordingly.

• Third is to note your body shape. Just like outfit calls attention to your body, so also does a bag do. Choose the right shape and length to complement your silhouette always.

• The fourth thing to note is the hardware of a bag you carry. It matters also on how it complements your body.

Different occasion and the bags that go with them:

  • Office look = tote bags, satchel or structured bags.
  • Cocktail/dinner look = clutches and miniature bags.
  • Meetings/business = briefcase or miniature bags.
  • College = tote, satchel bags.
  • Casual look = released tote/cross body bag

• As regards body shape, plus-size women should go with medium sized bag, pear shape women should go with waist length bag and avoid hip length bags, curvy women who are short should go with long slim bags while curvy women who are tall should go with low hanging bags.

• You can tie a slim scarf that matches the colour of any outfit you wear to your bag for a more stylish and elegant look.

In a way I have given you a list of bags to own for different occasion and currently the statement/structured bag is trending right now, so go get yours if you do not own one. I hope this was helpful for you. Remember to share to your online friends so every lady can benefit from this post...

Types of bags and how to style them:

Tote bag

Satchel bag

Structured bag

Clutch bag

Chain strap x Cross body style

Tote bag

Satchel bag

Structured and statement bag

Clutch bag

Chain strap x Cross body style

Put a scarf on your bag for more stylish look

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