Kids Fashion: A Look To Die For

Do they even know how dashing and breath-taking they look? Are they aware of the number of times they are been looked at? Do they even know the hearts of people who wish they were their kids?  And do they know the effort their parents/guidance go through to make them look this great?

These and many more questions I ask myself as I look at these kids. The style, the stance,  the smile,  the aura, the innocence and above all the joy breeding out from them.

If our parents back then had made us look so dope like this,  I'm sure we would have been better looking gents today (hahahhahahahaha). I'm so elated  that I call forth my children (smiles).

Kids style are so unique that you wish you are a kid again. Now that we have so many designers specializing on kiddies wear alone, we are 100% certain of new styles different from what was in-vogue way back. 

Talk of their smile and innocence - so captivating. In my mind I wish I could borrow some smile. Their innocence is to die for and their stance is superb.

In all, every kid is an expression of his or her parent's style. The kids fashion style we celebrate, is a reflection of who the father or the mother truly is. I take out time to celebrate Parents who makes looking good their business for their kids.

Let's all take a cue from these kids and learn. Parents you can make improvements,  after all these kids are your kids.

I'm a kid today. 
Happy kids fashion day (lol) 

Be inspired.
Kids Fashion: A Look To Die For Kids Fashion: A Look To Die For Reviewed by Timi Buseri on July 25, 2017 Rating: 5

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