Ladies Are The Most Stylish In Suspenders

Do you remember the reason why I said I love women fashion? If you can't, then let me refresh your memory. It is because of the fact that we have more than enough capacity to transform menswear to our own style statement and own it.

From rocking the brogues to trendy suit jackets; we ladies are winners and now it is time to show you and the men out there how to really style a suspender. This timeless style of men's accessories has been used over the years to judge if a man is a gentleman, and it sort of gives that smooth, clean look to an appearance.

The suspender which is also referred to as braces, are used by men to provide more support than belts do. They are practical and professional - but that is hardly the case in our situation; it has evolved to being more than just a piece of accessories, now it has become a style statement that has the ability to change up a look immediately, depending though on how or what you style it with.

Unlike men who have rules on how it should be styled - if it should be worn with a belt or not, or if it must match with belt or not, all this really has nothing to do with us. As a matter of fact, we have more options on the versatility of this style. We can either;

• Rock it with midi or maxi skirt
• Shorts, denim, or even pant trousers.
• We can dress it up for an office look, or dress down for a semi casual or total casual look.
• Go with good colour if we want, or neutral colour if you want to be subtle.

It's all up to you and your creativity. Just be playful with it and don't take it too serious, and as always you will come out on top.

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