Make Up Hack #111: Simple Steps To Blush Application

A lot of people have the thoughts up in their head that the only time you apply blush is when you are attending a dope ass event, and it's not meant for just any other day. This conception is wrong, you can actually apply it on your bare face without even applying any makeup.

Blush makes one look young, fresh, healthy and alive and because it comes in happy colours you are bound to look every bit as cheerful and happy when you have it applied on you.

The first tip you should note before applying your blush is that there are two types of blush, we have the powder blush which is more popular and the cream blush.

Use powder blush if your skin is normal to oily while you use the cream blush if your skin is dry or aging. And take note also that when using cream blush, you have to use cream foundation so you can get that perfect finish.

The second tip to take note of is for you to use the right colour of blush so as to have a well complimented and perfect finish.
▶️ Use baby pink, peach or sheer plum colour if you have fair complexion.
▶️ Use apricot or mauve colour if you have medium complexion.
▶️ Use rose or bronze colour if you have olive complexion.
▶️ Use raisin, brick, or bright tangerine if you have dark complexion.

The third tip to note is that you have to apply it according to your face shape.
▶️ Avoid the apple of your cheeks if you have a round face, so as not to make it more round.
▶️ Apply in a 'c' shape, that is in a curved line from the top of your temple to your cheekbone area if you have a heart face shape.
▶️ Apply in circular motion directly to the apple so as to soften the angular features if you have a square shape face.
▶️ For oval face shape and those with oblong can also use this method, which is moving your brush from your cheekbone to the earlobe, and a little above your temple.

Most importantly though is your brush. When you use the wrong brush, you will keep getting it wrong by either applying excess to your cheeks or having it go totally away from the position it is meant to be in. If you happen to have excess though, you can use tissue to dab gently on it.

Never ever use powder to try and reduce the excess off your face, and please 'let us' use the right shade of blush that will compliment our undertone. It is really heartbreaking looking at your face when you have a wrong shade on.

Don't forget also that you can suck in your cheeks so as to get a good definition of your face, and it is when you suck your cheeks in sometimes you will be able to see your apple.

That's a wrap on our Makeup Hack series. Where you left out on any of the Makeup Hack series, you can check them all from - Makeup Hack 101 to Makeup Hack 111▶️ HERE

If you feel we left any other thing out or you have questions that weren't answered feel free to let us know. Stay Beautiful!
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