Rock The Lazy Girl Hairstyle “Messy Bun” Anywhere

This hair style has been a major obsession for me and I'm starting to feel it is becoming abnormal, even with my short hair now, I still feel like you all should know how to style this very simple and classy look.

Some may call it doughnut style or just bun, but this style is called a 'messy bun' and it is a really simple style that can be done on your own within minutes, and the super cool aspect about it all is that it is appropriate for all type of occasion.

You can do a quick one to the office, to school, to church, weddings, on a dinner date and even for red carpet events. The aim is for it to appear messy so you should have fun with it.

Although it's easy to make, you might still have little hiccups when you are just starting off; like it being too messy, or too tight or always falling off. In other for this not to happen, you will need a list of these few things;

• rubber band for packing a pony tail
• hair spray
• moose
•accessories (optional) depending on where you are going and the look you want            
• hair pins
• your fingers (*lool*)

How you get your messy bun
• Make a ponytail which is not too tight and not too loosed.
• Use your moose if the hair is just recently made, so as to enable it stand for long.
• Roll up your hair into a bun, not too tight and too loosed.
• Use as many pin that is needed to keep the bun in place.
• Spray it when done so as to give it that shiny look.
• If it is too tight, use your finger and gently pull them till you have achieved the desired look.

If you fix a weave and want to try this look out, then let your extension either be a little wavy for the bun to stay, or make use of hair spray if you just installed it.

Rock The Lazy Girl Hairstyle “Messy Bun” Anywhere Rock The Lazy Girl Hairstyle “Messy Bun” Anywhere Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on July 25, 2017 Rating: 5

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