Shoerack Series: The Shoes That Every Man Needs

Ask any lady what footwears they need to complete their wardrobe, and they'll give you a list that could get you a visa and plane ticket overseas. First class actually! But for us men it's way, way easier...

There are five or six footwears that will keep any guy out there ready for every event  in the book - from the business meeting to the weekend's house party next door that your neighbor invited you for.

Lets get right to them, shall we?


I like to call them the 'interview shoes'. These classics are the perfect pair for the work environment and everything corporate. They can be worn to a variety of events too, so they're cool for the best man and the protocol member in church. They go with almost anything except with 100%s casuals outfit like jeans and a tee shirt, or combat shorts.


Aka brogues. These classics are back with stunning force in the men's wardrobe - especially among the young ones. Right now they make a big fashion statement, and its almost a taboo not to have  a pair. I particularly love them for their versatility - they easily go with a pinstripe suit or shirt and rolled up jeans! I advice you go for brown ones, since your lace-ups will be black.


They're even more classic, very Italian, and they're the bridge between sportswear and more dressy clothes. These slip-ons have such a comfortable feel that you can wear them the whole week. You can wear them to work, to church, to parties, with jeans, with chinos, with shorts, with sportswear - anything! Except suits sha.
In Italy, even cab drivers look cool. Why? Because they wear loafers! Choose brown for your loafers - brown is also a ''bridge'' color too. I especially favor chocolate brown tone.

Running shoes

There’s nothing better than a sleek pair of athletic shoes. Not only can they function as your gym shoes, but they can  be worn with your casual outfits, as well.

I recommend sticking with a black/white, black/grey/white (like above), or navy/white color to ensure that your sneakers compliment all your outfits. Other crazy colors like neon green or a bright red will only draw attention away from your outfit except you can pull them off well.


The second pair of white soles you should own, is what I’d consider an absolute essential to any well-dressed man’s wardrobe, which is why they were also included in my Shoerack series. You can choose any colour you love on this one. They’re the casuals that can be put together with more dressy outfits.
Throw on a nice fitted blazer and some dark wash jeans with them and they’ll look amazing. I'd recommend the longtime All Stars any day, any time. Under no circumstance should you wear these with a suit, though. That’s a trend that’s been floating around for a few years and I just think you’re not doing a suit justice by dumbing it down with sneakers.

Palm slippers

Who can do without these beauties? They're just indespensable! Palm slippers, as we call them, go with just about every casual outfit out there. They provide the unrivaled comfort of bathroom slippers and give the presentability of standard footwear - they're like bathroom slippers you can wear out. They're also great for our native wear, too. If you're a man and you don't own a pair, well.........

Have these six, and you can do anything.
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