Street Style Glam: The Chic In T-shirt 'N' Skirt

The T-shirt and skirt combo may not be a common style around here, but they rock! Honestly, You gotta try them. One of the advantages that being a lady brings is - flexibility.

It's amazing really; how ladies can combine almost anything together, and still make it look flawless. And one Stylista who nails the tee 'n' skirt combo so well is Stella Uzo of Jadore Fashion - like really she pulls it off so effortless, that you'll want to grab it right off her and stamp it on your body.

Let's see some of the ways you can pull of a smart “T-shirt 'n' skirt” combo (as it's called), using Stella Uzo as our style muse:

▶️ Short sleeved tees with maxi/flared skirts

▶️ You can also go with an overcoat when it's cold. Throw on your sneakers and you're a street stylista!

▶️ For shorter flared skirts, sneakers or boots are just mighty terrific!

▶️ For something more straightforward, try on your t-shirt and pointy-toe heels with a straight skirt.

▶️ Here's for that work ready look;

▶️ Now here's for when you want to take it to an event-and it's red carpet worthy!

▶️ And guess what? This combo is awesome on sneakers too!

So there you have it: a new approach to what's already in your wardrobe. As you've noticed, the key to pulling off this look is to tuck your blouse in. Enjoy a few more Tshirt 'n' Skirt look from Stella below:


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