StyleHub Personality Of The Week: Lawyer And Nail Artist, Hannah Nengi Ibibio

What do you do when you find a smart woman who is toeing one major career path while following her passion? You gotta sit her down and ask her how she does it!

Today's spotlight shines brightly on Hannah Nengi Ibibio, a lawyer who also has an unusual passion for doing nails. Apart from being all that, she happens to be a fashionista and of course, this scores major points for us on StyleHub Daily.

We just had to reach out and were so pleased she could answer a few questions for us. Enjoy reading and as always; Be inspired!!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, what do you do and how long have you been doing it?
A: My Name is Hannah Nengi Ibibio, called Hannah or Nengi by friends and family. I'm a Port Harcourt-based lawyer by career but a nail tech by passion. I run a mobile nail business in Port Harcourt and I have been doing nails for about 3 years now.

legal and legit!
Q: What attracted you to doing nails and how long have you been doing them professionally?
A: I remember in my Year 1 in University, my mum used to buy a lot of nail polishes and I usually take some with me back to school. I changed my polish weekly and was ready to spend considerable sums of money just to get my nails done. I was more fascinated about nails when I joined Instagram and saw all the work being done by nail techs in the US and other countries. Instagram inspired me to start doing nails and I started taking on clients professionally in 2014.

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Q: How do you balance being a nail artist with your regular day career/job?
A: It's a bit encumbering trying to balance my law practice and my nail business. My job as a lawyer takes the whole weekdays and I'm left with just the weekend to attend to my customers. I only take some emergency nail work on weekdays if i have to.

Q: What are the major challenges you face as a nail artist and how have you been able to overcome them?
A:  My major challenge as a nail tech is getting good nail products here in Nigeria. It's a hassle getting products which cost so much and in addition to that, paying a lot for shipping as well. I've been able to overcome the challenges but not completely. I found some new places and sites i could get products with less shipping prices.

Q: What inspires your designs?
A: My nail designs are inspired by whatever I see in my daily activities, from ankara and other clothing materials to unusual patterns and stones.

Q: Who are your biggest motivators?
A:  My motivators includes;
    i) Dotun of @dotunnails - she has given me the most encouragement so far. 
    ii) Toya P of @nailartaddict305 - she's a US-based nail tech who has inspired me through her persistence and hard work. 
   iii) Jennifer of @jsnailbar - she's a nail tech based in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom. She's a nail polish addict and regularly updates me on recent findings and methods in improving my skills.

Q: What advice would you give any upcoming nail artist/nail tech
A: The advice I'll give to any upcoming nail tech is to be patient and be very innovative. You have to go with trends because your clients will want to see your creative side. You also have to be passionate about your work. I mentioned being patient, this is important. Patience with learning, patience with the different people you'll meet in the course of your work as a nail tech. Some people are easy going and will make work sweet and easy for you and some difficult clients will test the limits of your skill/creativity. It's up to you to find a balance and come up with what makes your client happy.

Q: Where do you see yourself in a few years time?
A: Well, in a few years, I see myself having a professional nail school in Nigeria. I also see myself having a nail brand too.

Well you've read it yourself. This talented lady can be found sharing her work on Instagram handle @nails_by_hannah07 and can be reached on +2348097558537. Why not enjoy some of her work below?

Why not come tell us what you think on our own page @stylehubdaily.. We look forward to hearing from you!
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