That Curvy Lane: Stylish x Confident Nakitende Esther

When you see this lady, the first thought that comes to mind is "BEAUTIFUL". Esther Nagawa who was born and raised in Mukono, Uganda but now based in Canada, has in many ways showed us that being a style icon doesn't have to do with age, size, shape and colour.

She is one of the first people i started following on instagram, and i remember vividly the first time i saw her picture. I was like "omg, stunning" - like you can never be disappointed with her style statement.

She projects every bit of confidence, and boldness into her outfits - plus one can't help but fall in love with her signature afro hair that gives life all the time. Esther is not just a style icon, but also a plus size model, style ambassador, and an inspiration to other women out there.

When asked in an interview on what beauty is to her, she says “To me beauty is what makes me feel good about myself……beauty is happiness… children are beauty personified, beauty is when I achieve something I thought I could not……beauty is encouraging another woman to feel better about herself.

Physical beauty is easy to achieve for anyone. We live in a society of makeup, fantastic clothing, shoes, accessories & hair extentions & of course plastic surgery. It’s how or what you use your beauty for that matters. After all we all know as we age so does our physical appearance.”

When you see a few selected pictures of her below, you will truly understand the reason why you have to "love yourself as you are, and embrace your body type" like she does - and be bold and confident in all your glory, because babes you are beautiful! You just need to own it, and then no one can/will take it away.

If you still want more inspiration from her, you can follow her on her IG handle @nakitende_esther

That Curvy Lane: Stylish x Confident Nakitende Esther That Curvy Lane: Stylish x Confident Nakitende Esther Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on July 14, 2017 Rating: 5

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