The Little Bride's Cinderella Moment

Weddings these days are a colourful, flamboyant affair. For most brides, the bridal train is of great importance consisting of friends and family who are there to complement the bride.

However, in the excitement of putting together a bridal train, one extra-special member of the train whom everyone makes a fuss of is the Little Bride (also known as the Flower Girl)

The little bride has traditionally been placed on the bridal train to raise the darling factor and generate feelings of happiness for the other members of the train.

She is usually placed next to the maid of honour or at the head of the train and usually carries a small basket filled with rose petals and confetti which is strewn on the floor for the bride to step on.

Little brides these days usually dress to mirror the bride and may carry a small bouquet or posy or flowers. For most little girls, it is a fantasy come true as they get to dress up and look like the little princesses they are.

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For many modern weddings, most little brides do not always dress to mirror the bride. Other beautiful gown colours besides white are chosen for an unusual and creative look. Some little brides even dress to match the outfits of older ladies on the bridal train.

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The wedding day should be as fun for the little bride as well as the bridal party. Look forward to making your little angels smile!
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