Trendy SENATOR Styles You Can Sew

This trendy style called the senator style has become the go-to look of most fashionable guys lately especially for that traditional occasion.

It is common among the people of Igbo and Niger-Delta origin. This traditional attire was firstly worn by Senator Anyim Pius Anyim to be precise. I mean the good looking gent on the red chieftain hat.

He was the President of the Nigerian Senate from 2000 to 2003. I'm sure that is why it is called a senator style because it was first worn by a senator.

The senator style has rejuvenated traditional attires and automatically make you feel like a senator of the federal republic (smiles). It is now a common attire worn by both young and old men across Nigeria.

Unlike the native styles which are made with Akwete fabric, the Senator cloth design is made from a simple suit material. And it is usually a long top or shirt almost reaching knees and trousers or a short sleeve or long sleeve as you like it.

The top has various designs and ornaments usually located around the collar, chest and/or belly. The trousers are plain and simple. Senator style for men is most times completed with a matching hat.

They usually come in dark colors - dark blue, black, brown, grey, maroon or burgundy. This, however does not mean that you cannot bring your personality into your outfit - feel free to play with any color that come to your mind.

Senator styles are a cool and easy way for a guy to immediately get into the matured classy mode.

Go make one. It sure fits.
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