Week Inspiration: Be Aware

How often do you open your mind to things? How often do you take notice to what you see, hear, smell or feel? because those are the little ways you get inspiration to BEGIN your purpose in life.

I've never really and still do not understand young fellows like my self who have convinced themselves into believing you have to be *high* on something before inspiration or idea can come.

Why does that have to happen? Why do you need substance to push your mind? What I believe most people don't understand is that, this thing called "mind and will" is a really strong entity and all it needs sometime is a little push - and trust me you will be opened to loads of choices and ideas.

In other, though for those ideas, chances, and goals to be yours, you have to open your mind to your environment; feel, study, learn who you are, and begin putting the puzzles up.

You will get there! All you need is to be inspired and the key factor to being inspired is to open your self/mind to everything you come across and and every situation you encounter - be aware, remember! "All that happens, by chance or on purpose - happens for a reason"

Be aware💞
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