Week Inspiration: Be Grateful, Be Appreciative, Be Thankful

Haven't you ever heard the words; “Show your appreciation and you will be rewarded greatly?” Oh that's right!! I think I made that up. But it doesn't matter who made the statement or not, the point I am driving at here is that - you should be grateful and thankful always no matter how little or insignificant a polite gesture shown to you might be.

I learnt from my mum to always say 'Thank you', and noticed that i always got more things in return even from God *wink*. I didn't know then that it was because i was always appreciative, until I grew up.

There is a stage in everyone's life when you take things from people, and another stage in life when it is time to start giving back, I have gotten to that stage because I am no longer a kid and I have people looking up to me just like a whole lot of us do - and what I noticed though and I like to think other people who also give has encountered is; when you are being thanked for doing something nice you feel warm and want to do more.

I found out getting a thank you note, or appreciative gesture in response to what I did always geared me up to do more and even better - so why is it that some people really do find it difficult to say the short phrase 'Thank you'.

Why is it so difficult to appreciate things, i mean it really doesn't make you any lower, instead it gets you to high places in life.
Have a heart that appreciates, be grateful, be thankful for life, for love, for peace and a lot more other things. Funny thing is, being appreciative does not cost a penny, that's right it is totally free!!! But it brings priceless benefits... So do something right today and show your gratitude always.

Remain thankful 💞
Week Inspiration: Be Grateful, Be Appreciative, Be Thankful Week Inspiration: Be Grateful, Be Appreciative, Be Thankful Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on July 03, 2017 Rating: 5

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