Week Inspiration: Learn To Say No!

No! Is no big of a deal for some to say, but for people like myself who do not always want to let someone down - it usually gets hard to utter.

Saying 'no' to requests or situations does not make you a bad person *that's what I have come to realise* It does not make you evil and unapproachable, it simply means you have a limit to things you can and cannot do or do not want to do and the cool thing is; it's okay because we are all human.

I made a travel recently and when the bus was about to take off, a lady asked if I could lap one of her four kids, but when I looked at the limited space, how long the journey will take and how I will be inconveniencing myself - I told her no I'm sorry I can't do that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to form bado for something like that. The old me would have said yes without being happy about it. All I'm trying to make you realise is that - rather than inconvenience yourself or hold a sad heart, say no! It won't get you killed. 

It might not have to be a situation like mine but any situation you find yourself in and have realised how much of an inconvenience it would be - do not do it.

I have something I started following recently and I also like to tell people "do not start what you cannot finish". Don't start helping someone to school when you cannot continue it, don't start feeding someone when you cannot continue. Just don't.

Save yourself the stress and whoever is also involved, if you cannot do it, then kindly say NO! You will actually get respected for having a mind of your own and holding your ground, and congrats to you when you learn how to say no because that means you are on your way to being an adult and surviving out there.

Learn to say NO💞
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