What The Huh: The Plunging Neckline Fiasco For Those With Big Boobs

We all know the risks that come with plunging neckline outfits. Just like there is a thin line between love and hate, there also is a thin line between fashion pas and fashion faux pas.

The plunging neckline style just like the high slit style usually boarder between the line of you being tacky and being sexy la hot. Now! for most, even though others still argue against it, I think we are all past the argument that this particular style isn't meant for ladies with big boobs.

My sincere thought on it is whether you have big or small boobs, in form of your outfit, wear the right thing for your shape. Yes! those with smaller boobs tend to scale smoothly in this area, while those with bigger boobs just gives you the shock of your life when you see their boobs or nipples nearly spilling out.

I will like to state it again, the main reason for this style is for you to appear less covered with you still being covered. It is not the reverse of you actually showing the world what should be covered.

It is really not cool when every single eye is secretly waiting for the main show of a slip off from your end to happen, so please save our eyes and do the right thing.

It is a risky game, and it is a risky style so please ladies if you must try the look and want to slay it the way Kim and Sophia Vegara does on red carpets, then please and please do it right. Use the right bra, or bra tape, or better still go with Rita Dominic and Denike Balogun's subtle yet still fierce look.

If you are on a full side, opt for a modest V-neck that shows off your collarbone and just a hint of skin but not your cleavage. Or to be safe, opt for a round neck blouse and a pair of flared pants to give you good proportions.

What The Huh: The Plunging Neckline Fiasco For Those With Big Boobs What The Huh: The Plunging Neckline Fiasco For Those With Big Boobs Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on July 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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