What Wearing High Heels Does To Your Feet

The first high heels, funny enough, were never made with women in mind at all. They were made originally for horse riders to anchor their feet on stirrups and prevent them from slipping when riding.

The women however adopted it around the 1600's as a fashion item and the rest, they say, is history.

While they look great on your legs, they might not be so great for your legs. If wearing them for just two hours straight can bring so much pain, then wearing them everyday means a quick journey to the land of leg-destruction.

I’ve always known that heels are hard on the knees but after doing a bit of research, I was not too surprised to find that they actually affect the entire legs. I was surprised to discover how much damage they cause.

Wanna know more? Let’s take it from the top!

1) Feet

Your feet are inbuilt with shock absorbers that all inventors put together could never design. So good are they that they make the complex process of walking look like piece of cake. Now imagine all that amazing artwork taken and jammed into shoes with a high back, low front and too little room for the feet to do their job.

The feet are now prevented from making that rolling motion while you walk, disabling them completely. It puts undue pressure on the balls of your feet and your delicate toe bones because all your weight is placed on those areas. The higher the heels, the more the pressure.

2) Ankles

There are muscles in the heel area of your feet that connect your heels to your calf muscles, these are known as the Achilles Tendons named after Achilles, the famous warrior who fought at Troy and whose weak spot was the tendons at the back of his ankles.

When women wear heels over a long period of time, these muscles gradually shorten because the ankles are forced into a forward bent position. So being barefoot or wearing shoes that cause the heels to reach the ground will bring the wearer immense pain and stretching.

4) The knees

Now we’ve gotten to the most worrying part: Wearing heels often leads to a bone condition called osteoarthritis. Let me explain how:

Remember how wearing heels disables your natural shock-absorbers? Well, their inability to work forces the knee joints to become substitute shock-absorbers and though they’re made to share in the work of carrying the body weight, wearing heels dumps the entire load on them. This accelerates the wear and tear of the joints, making them age much faster than the rest of the body. So you reach age fifty but your legs are eighty and doing anything that involves the legs at all becomes pure torture.

5) Back

This doesn’t need much explanation. Your pelvis is thrust forward whenever you move in heels, putting pressure on the back as well. While this gives your behind that “sexy-in-heels” look, you know its cost; a sore back and hips later.

6) Balance

Your feet and knees were made to give you balance and robbing them of this ability reduces your balance from 100 to 30. So you’re now at risk of taking some really nasty falls.

7) Ugly feet

  • Ingrown toe-nails: The narrow and pointy-toe nature of most heels puts pressure on the big and little toes, forcing the side of their nails to grow painfully into your flesh.
  • Spider veins: Heels impede circulation in the feet-especially the ankle area, causing your veins to bulge out. So when your little kids come to disturb you in bed early on Saturdays, they have a variety of blue and purple streaks to distract them .
  • Calluses:  Over time, the rubbing and pushing from your favorite heels can lead to a hardening of the skin. You’ll be probably be too embarrassed to wear sandals or flip flops out.

Saving Yourself

Heels are definitely not a healthy choice for your feet, but I can’t tell you to stop wearing them. They do look super cool on a lady’s legs. However, there are measures that can be taken to greatly reduce the adverse effect on your feet. Which are:

1) Favor Platform-Heel Shoes

For those that are obsessed with super-high heels, opt for those with platforms at the front;  like wedges, for instance.
They reduce the ankle bending, while still giving you the gazelle-leg look.

2) Wear Comfortable Brands

There are brands of heels that are more comfortable than other generic brands, you just have to do more specific searching to get them.

3) Give Flats A Closer Look And More Frequent Trials

Flats can also be great on outfits too. There are classy, chic flats that you can give a try and you may be surprised to find that you actually like wearing them. Moreover, they’re so much more comfortable and can be worn for  whole day without any fear of adverse effects.

4) Wear Heels for a Few Hours Max, And Massage Your Feet When You Get Home

Wearing heels in small doses is preferable to prolonged usage. Jacqueline Curtis, a health and fitness blogger says:

“I put a three-hour limit on wearing my heels, so I use them only when I know an event or occasion won’t last longer than that. If you’re going to be walking, dancing, or standing all night long, wear heels for a few hours and then switch to a stylish pair of flats.

This can save your back, joints, and tender toes. You can even purchase folding flats that slip into your purse for a discreet way to change into something more comfortable as the night goes on.
(And) if you find that your feet are achy and sore after a day in heels, sit on your couch and place a golf ball or tennis ball beneath your foot. Then, apply pressure on the ball as you roll it up and down your foot. It’s a great way to relieve tight muscles and tendons after a punishing day in heels.”

Yes, heels are fabulous, they are. But a lifetime of pain is not worth the latest shoes in fashion.

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