Your Guide To The Right Shoes For Any Formal Event

In times past, formal shoes were commonly worn among the upper class men as a sign of status and wealth. Later on, the formal shoe became every man’s go-to shoe for most work related occasions.

A formal shoe is the versatile piece that ties the whole outfit together and there is nothing that will make you look more stylish and give you a confidence boost like a nice pair of shoes for your formal events.

Remember that what you wear on your feet completely reflects your personality, people's perception about you and what kind of look you’re going for, so give careful thought when choosing your formal footwear.

Need a pointer on what shoes to wear for your different formal occasions? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best formal shoes you can rely on and what to wear with them.

▶ Oxford Shoes

This the most dressiest and timeless of all dress shoes, and a great starting point if you’re looking for a go-to formal and classic piece. They are the most versatile option due to its ability to go with just about everything.
For general everyday wear, stick to a standard leather pair, while if you’ll be pairing them with a tux, a patent leather pair will fit well. Also if you get one in brown, wear with a navy suit, or an earth-toned suit in olive, brown or tan. Black is fine with all of the serious dark colors of gray and navy but not at all with any of the earth tones.

▶ Derby

Derbies are often mis-categorized as oxfords as their shape is very similar and their differences is slight. The major differentiating factor between the two is that the Derby has an open laced structure as opposed to the Oxford with It's vamp sewn-on under the vamp.
This construction called "open-lacing" allows for wider fit which makes it more comfortable than the oxford and also appropriate for all business settings.

▶ The Monk Strap

This is an European classic which has a buckle on the side. It is most commonly made of calfskin, but brown suede leather is very popular especially for anyone who would like a touch of uniqueness in his formal attire.

In terms of formality, the monk strap serves as an alternative to the oxford shoe and is unique because it adds a certain touch to any outfit. The monk strap has become a very versatile formal shoe style that can either be dressed down with cuffed jeans, or dressed up with your most dapper of suits.

▶ Loafers:

This is a moccasin-inspired shoe that is most recognizable by its slip-on styling. It's very versatile due to the different variation in It's styling and cos It's suitable for all (formal, semi-formal and informal) events.

▶ Dress Boots:

The dress boot is built like your standard Oxford and also perfect for formal occasions. Dress boots look fantastic with formal and casual clothes, such as a great-fitting pair of dark colored designer jeans, a pair of dress trousers, or a casual suit. For more casual occasions, lighter brown leather is preferable, while for formal occasions, stick to dark colored leather.

▶ Chelsea Boots:

This has an incredibly clean and sleek look which makes it appropriate for more classic formal events. The boot's elastic sliding allows for them to be put on and taken off with ease while still maintaining the refined silhouette of a laced boot.
The simplistic look of this boot can easily add a classic touch to jeans, chinos, corduroy or tailored suit. A pair in polished leather can be paired either formally or casually, while you may want to reserve your suede pair for casual to semi-formal outings only.

▶ The Cap Toe:

These are decorated oxford dress shoes that are embellished in a number of ways. It's now very popular as most men are seen with different styles and designs. The amazing thing is that it's appropriate for all event- whether formal, casual or semi-formal.
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