6 Weekend Outfit Ideas To Try Out With Cassey Bassey As An Inspiration

August 11, 2017

It's the weekend again!!! We have all been waiting for it like we always do at the end of each working week, and a lot of us spend this special two days or a day and the half because of church - resting, sleeping or just lounging in our crib and not wanting to do anything.

This post though is for those who absolutely want to step out of the house to see friends that haven't been seen in a while because of work, or for people who wants to shop, hangout or even just visit the cinema.

This two day holiday is all about the triple C which means having your outfit look comfy, casual, and of course, chic - and also about you rocking those outfits in your wardrobe that you love but still don't know why you bought it because you can't spot it to the office.

Issa good news for you - you can rock and try out styles you normally can't due to office or work outfit rules. It's time to hit the weekend in full glam, unwind, shop, hangout and enjoy your weekend in style.

Let Cassey Bassey's style inspire you:

Style with baseball cap

Go with the sporty/athleasure look

Rock your denim/ripped denim

Go with simple x chic outfit

Rock edgy, fun, and chic outfit

Make statement with an accessory 

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