Ankara Lookbook #31: Issa Ankara Gang Movement! Have You Joined Yet?

August 25, 2017

I remember a time when you never caught Nigerians dead in Ankara - there used to be this stereotypical belief which I cannot remember anymore, but all I know is that, it was always English wear all week long - year in year out.

I have a serious question now though - like what changed Nigerians! Why the constant slaying in Ankara prints nowadays?!!! Can't complain though because mehn! We are really killing it - when you think that Ankara style you saw 5 minutes ago was the bomb, someone else comes along and leave you stunned.

From not being worn at all, to being worn on Fridays only and then conventionally worn almost any day of the week, the Ankara prints has shown it's strength across times and trends.

Like there is nothing you cannot pair this print with, it goes hand in hand with English wear so you can get the formal look, it goes with other prints of its kind or outside it and also in any colour, style and trend.

It is a timeless print of which you can never go wrong in, so my new question is - have you joined the movement yet, or have you joined but are still restricting yourself as to the days to wear them (Fridays) or where you rock them to?!!!

If you are, then it's time you come out of that circle, break the chain - be bold and style your Ankara prints in as many ways as you can, and oh! You can take inspiration from Ankara slayers like @Iamnini, @therealrhonkefella and many others.

Let's check out some of the latest styles below;

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