Eku Edewor Talks On Motherhood, Beauty, And Style On Accelerate Tv's "The Cover" Magazine

Gorgeous Eku covered the August issue of Accelerate TV's "the cover" magazine - and she talked on herself as a new mother, her obsession with beauty, and her style.

When asked about her style, she said; "i would say that my style is more of an eclectic elegance or exciting classic. It is sort of a contradiction because I like out-of-the-box pieces but I don’t like to be too trendy, I still try to look classic and I prefer to look quite clean in some ways. Even if the top might have a lot of drama, I like to anchor the look always so that it looks wearable. My look isn’t like a Rihanna kind of outfit, because I don’t commit all the way like she does most times. I think I have sometimes but it is not a consistent look. My day to day is crazy cool, I guess."

On how motherhood has changed her style, she said; "i definitely have an appreciation for flats now even though I was never really a heels-person. I wore heels to work, now I am always trying to incorporate ways that I can wear a lower heel or just more comfortable shoes but maybe when my baby is a little older and a lot more independent, (I’ll ditch the flats again). Maybe it’s because I am carrying her all the time and I always want her with me, I discovered that it is safer to be closer to the ground."

On when her obsession with beauty start, she said; "i have always been into beauty because of my mom; she is a product junkie. I remember just loving all her creams and perfumes and any sort of product she has on her vanity table. So when I started getting acne, that’s when I started researching a lot more into beauty products and how effective they could be. I have gone through so many stages, I have tried whole lines of products, I have tried so many brands trying to get my skin into perfection. It took me a long time to realise that I wasn’t going to get that flawless perfect skin that some people have. It didn’t mean that my skin wasn’t perfect, it was just different. I think you have to accept your skin type and just make it the best that it can be. Now, even if I have the odd zits, I am not even bothered but there was a time I was definitely spending all my money buying products trying to correct my skin."

When asked what beauty item she can't live without, she said; "i can’t do without my Narganics 24 carat gold beauty elixir. Narganics collaborated with me to create Aurum oil and it is a skin saver because it is multi functional. I use it as a Primer, a moisturiser, a day oil. I add it to my body cream to give anti-oxidant properties to my body cream. So it is definitely a can’t-live-without. I carry it everywhere with me. It was in my bag today, I used it just before the makeup artist did my look. It is just charged with really powerful healing oils and anti-ageing oils. It is my favourite product at the moment. The gold just gives you this inner radiance – I just love to glow. I love to have a greasy face; and I don’t mean greasy bad, but just that glow like ‘she just looks dewy’."

Photographed by Kelvin Oladrin
Creative direction by Tokyo James
Styled by Agu cloths, T.K Opark
Eku Edewor Talks On Motherhood, Beauty, And Style On Accelerate Tv's "The Cover" Magazine Eku Edewor Talks On Motherhood, Beauty, And Style On Accelerate Tv's "The Cover" Magazine Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on August 05, 2017 Rating: 5

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