LOTD: Hafsah x Toke x Mizwanneka Take Colour Burst To A Whole New Level

August 01, 2017

All things are really looking bright and beautiful for this three fashion bombshell who in one day awed and swept us off our feet in a burst of colours, florals and slayage look.

We couldn't help but make this trio our look of the day - as they are really bursting our head with this wonderful springtastic outfits. It it times like this we are always glad and honoured as to how ladies are able to combine and pop out beautifully in their apparel.

Here we have style blogger and youtuber - Hafsah Mohammed, style influencer - Toke Makinwa, and hair boss - Doris Nkumah A.K.A. Mizwanneka take floral print and colours to a whole new level of awesomeness *in kungfu panda PO's voice*

Check out their looks below;

Hafsah's look

Toke Makinwa's look

Mizwanneka's look

Toke's look;
Bag by Chanel
Sandal by Paul Academartori

Hafsah outfit by @eloracollection

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