Maternity Fashion: Would You Allow Your Wife Go Through The Almost Nude Pre-baby Photo Session?

August 08, 2017

There are lots of changes that happens when a woman is pregnant and one of such is in the clothes she wears. Since the woman's body changes when pregnant, it means her choice of clothes will change too.


Because suddenly you are dressing the body that seem totally different to you and you have no idea what is gonna look good on you.

I've seen lots of pregnant women wear their husband's clothes because they're comfortable in it. But there are so many alternatives you can choose from - whether you are trying to find a comfortable pair of Jean or a fashionable dress for a unique occasion or outing or indoor, there is something to pick from a maternity home.

Now what is trending is a photoshoot session of well decorated baby bump. I see it everywhere now, all stylish and dope. I've even heard ladies say "when I get belle ehn..... hmmm, dem go see my own"

Now my question is; "Able men, would you allow your wife go through this pre-baby photo session?"

I know some ladies do not see anything wrong in it but yet wouldn't try it. Some love it and will continue to do it as long as they have a bump to show.

Share your thought because this post is an interactive one and all about inspiring ourselves through our opinion...

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