Rock The Lazy Girl Hairstyle "Bantu" In Two Genius Ways

One of the many reasons I enjoy being on low cut is due to the fact that I am free from thinking of what next hair style to rock. I seriously applaud women, it is seriously not easy thinking about so many different things from work, to children and school then we now have to top the thought up with "what hairstyle should I do."

The thought alone can be frustrating some times, and other times you just don't have the time or the little time you have you want to spend it sleeping or lounging without having to sit hours at the saloon.

Worry not girlfriends! This style right here is just the best thing for you. It is for those days you have absolutely no drive to sit in a saloon waiting for your turn, and this style is called the Bantu style or Zulu knot.

I prefer to use the word Bantu style because from it you can get two gorgeous, glam and African style with ease in the comfort of your home. The Bantu style which is regarded as an African style is cute, flirty and works with any type of hair. From the Bantu style, you can get the "Bantu knot" and the "Bantu knot - out."

It is versatile and simple to make, style and you can get lustrous curls from your straight hair with it overnight. Now let's show you how to get this look!

Things you need
• shampoo/conditioner
• mirror
• comb
• hair product
• rubber/pins

How to get Bantu knot look
• You have to wash your hair especially if it is dirty because your scalp is going to be visible and also too much or left off hair product might cause itching which will ruin the style.
• partially dry your hair after washing. Towel drying is much preferable so as to leave it damp but not wet or dry.
• Part and separate your hair into multiple section, you should note that the bigger the section the bigger the curls and vise versa.
• Apply setting product or curl cream for better control of your hair.
• Twist coil at the base of your scalp. Coil the twisted length around itself and secure with pin or rubber.
• Repeat knotting procedure on the remaining section of the hair.
• Place shower cap on your head over night.

When you are done with this process, you wait for it to dry itself overnight and rock it anywhere you want. After a week or two and you feel like switching up your style, no worries babes the Bantu knot gat you covered. You can switch your Bantu knot to Bantu curls by knotting it out.

How to knot out/get Bantu curls
• Remove pin or rubber that was used to secure the knot.
• Untuck the knot gently with your fingers.
• Finger comb to get small curls or use wide tooth comb for bigger curls, just don't over comb it so you won't remove the curls.
• You can spray, apply moose or oil sheen to give and get a lasting and healthy look.

• You do not need special shampoo to wash your hair.
• Damp hair is more preferable if you want to get the best out of it.
• Do not blow dry, it will leave it flaky. Let it air dry itself.
• You can pin your hair up or wrap with satin scarf to retain the curls for days to come.
• Style it any how you want it. It will last for weeks, but for a better chance of that happening - clean your scalp with witch hazel or any other astringent every three or four days.

Follow this easy steps, check pictures for better understanding and you are more than good to go slay your Bantu style at work, school or any event.

Rock The Lazy Girl Hairstyle "Bantu" In Two Genius Ways Rock The Lazy Girl Hairstyle "Bantu" In Two Genius Ways Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on August 08, 2017 Rating: 5

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