Style Review Of The Big Fashion Guy

This guy obviously knows what he likes and feels so fabulous and confident with his style. I can tell with all assurance because I've followed him keenly. He has got a great sense of style and every of his picture is a fashion statement.

A lot of confidence comes from knowing who you are and what you like (just like the Big Fashion Guy). For any clothes to work for you, it is important that they suit your personality and style.

When the clothes suit you as a person, this will come through in your confidence levels.

The said attribute is a major characteristic of The Fashion Big Guy and one which should be a major lesson to you all. Knowing your body type and knowing what will suit your body perfectly is an integral aspect in developing a uniquely enviable style.

It is glaring that he is big, yet every clothe he wears fit (especially the way he pulls off his short pants so gentlemanly) Remember; Fit is king.

When you choose clothes that you know will fit you and make you look better, you will automatically have more confidence and give less room for critiques.

From his picture gallery, this dapper gent moves from casual to formal to trying out different outfit and now he has gotten to a point where anything he wears is dope.

Our dapper gent is also an expert in using colours that complement each other. Guys, if you think this might not be for you, stick to anchoring your patterns with solid colours or neutrals before you turn out to be the new jerk in town

If you're new to this menswear game or haven’t quite built up the confidence to move out of your comfort zone, then perhaps pattern mixing won't be the one for you. I mean mixing colours and still look extraordinarily good and attractive.

However, it's impossible to grow in terms of style if you never try something new or step a little bit out of your comfort zone. When you have noticed what you like from being inspired by others, apply some of those components to your own style - and that is exactly what I've seen him do. 

Style is evolving and spontaneous hence we keep learning. We bring to you a few selected looks of 'The Big Fashion Guy's. Check through and be inspired!  

Isn't he just dapper and confident?

I love his style and influence.
I love the fact that his big size is not a barrier to expressing his personal style.

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 Be inspired. 
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