StyleHub Crush Of The Week: Review Of A Style Icon “Rev (Dr) JANE ONAOLAPO”

To think that Style is a concept that is apart from God and the Gospel is a terrible error, and this error is made by many in the world today. Quite the contrary, God is the origin of style, and He favors beauty and perfection.

He is the one that created nature and color, which are the core elements of the artistic designs that have been used for our clothing since time immemorial. So anyone that says God and style have no business together is clearly ignorant!

See reference;

“Then the Lord God said: I entered into a covenant with you so that you became Mine, declares the Lord God... I gave you a good bath,...and anointed you with aromatic oils. I dressed you in a colorful gown and put leather sandals on your feet. I gave you linen blouses and a fashionable wardrobe of expensive clothing. I adorned you with jewelry: I placed bracelets on your wrists, fitted you out with a necklace, emerald rings, sapphire earrings, and a diamond tiara. You were provided with everything precious and beautiful: with exquisite clothes and elegant food, garnished with honey and oil. You were absolutely stunning and exceedingly beautiful. You were a queen! You became world-famous, then your fame went forth among the nations on account of your beauty, for it was perfect because of My splendor which I bestowed on you ~ declares the Lord God. (Ezekiel 16:8-14)

The leading figures in the gospel scene are well aware that their duty as representatives of God walking the face of the earth encompasses every aspect of their person, because everything about them is meant to express the beauty and splendor of God – including their outward appearance.

They definitely give adequate attention to their health and beauty, because in the long run it affects their work as ambassadors of their King. One of such persons is a great general of God in Nigeria and my personal/spiritual mentor; The Reverend (Dr) Mrs. Jane Onaolapo.

There is a major aspect of every individual's character that distinguishes one from others, and StyleHub Daily has fallen in love with this woman for her: utter simplicity.

It is immediately obvious to any observer that Rev (Dr) Jane Onaolapo is a simple, unassuming woman – everything about her expresses it. The quiet and straightforward way with which she goes about her business makes one wonder where she gets the confidence to stand and speak frequently to large audiences on weekly basis.

“That, surely, is the work of the Holy spirit,” she always responds. “I’ve always been content to be a background person, working behind the scenes, doing my own little bit. I loved to hide behind my husband, supporting him and watching him do his work out there.

“So when the Lord took him and told me I would continue in his place, I was terrified. I said ‘Lord, these shoes are too big for me! You know I’ve always been happy in second place - how do you expect me to cope?’ But it’s been FIVE years now and here I am, still standing. I owe it all to Him.”

This simplicity is clearly evident in her personal style. She favors attires made with our traditional Ankara materials and comes for events and Sunday services beautifully decked in outfits that are never flashy, but leave a lasting impression in the mind of anyone that sees her.

When it comes to accessories and jewelry, she's always properly adorned. She graces herself adequately and correctly for the occasion, and she's never excessive.

Mrs Jane's wardrobe speaks of elegance and godliness and she is a refreshing illustration of the phrase: “simple and glamorous”.

When StyleHubDaily team briefly interviewed a number of church members on the subject of their “Mummy G.O’s” personal style, one of them commented;

“Mummy G.O is a wonderful woman – even her dressing reflects it. Whenever my wife and I sit down to discuss the day’s message every Sunday evening, I confess that it’s not only her sermons we talk about. We also discuss about her outfit for that day. She always succeeds at pulling off a look that is never attention – seeking, but nevertheless catches one’s attention. My wife has always been commended for her sense of style, but she recently began infusing some aspects of mummy's style into her own, and guess what? She began to receive more positive comments on her looks!”

Another said: “The woman of God is just amazing. Her sense of style is always simple without being bland. She is a true example of what the bible says when it implores women to be modest. Looking at her, you’ll know that yes! She gives attention to her appearance, but she never places priority on it. God is her true beauty, her priority, her worth, her all. Sometimes I watch her and find myself saying: "She’s beautiful!"

She won’t hesitate to tell you: “It’s all God. All God.” And we agree that indeed it's all God, for her style is one that exudes the glory and majesty of her Father and King, whom she represents.

Rev. Jane's simple and humble lifestyle is something to pray and seek after, and she is StyleHub Daily's crush of all times.

Be inspired by a few selected looks of this wonderful woman of God!

StyleHub Crush Of The Week: Review Of A Style Icon “Rev (Dr) JANE ONAOLAPO” StyleHub Crush Of The Week: Review Of A Style Icon “Rev (Dr) JANE ONAOLAPO” Reviewed by subomi balogun on August 21, 2017 Rating: 5

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