Thursday LookBook: Casual Jackets

Recently, men have started taking an active interest in fashion and started putting in some efforts to look good. They have learned that relaxed and casual outfits for men can be done in a classy and dapper way instead of going for a completely slob look.

First impressions count, whether you’re going on a business travel, heading out for a casual date or meeting some mates for a catch-up, you’ll definitely want to up that jacket game. After all, your jacket is the first thing people will notice about you…followed by your shoes.

Every king slayer needs a casual jacket in his wardrobe. Not just a jacket but the right jacket at the right time.

Whether you’re a leather, denim or a straight up Harrington man, you should follow a few simple rules when buying a casual jacket:

Go for fit
Fit should always be a top priority when buying jackets. The right one will look and feel as effortless as a second skin, so don’t compromise on finding a fit that suits your frame.

If the jacket is meant to be a second layer, look for something that fits closer to your body. If the jacket is meant to be the top of several layers for cold weather choose something slightly bigger (but not bulky).

Go for style
We all have our style preferences. But if I could choose, go for something classic that offers the greatest amount of possible wear.

Go for versatile jacket
Just like you can go everywhere with your ATM 💳 CARDS,  ask yourself of the jackets possibilities before you buy it. Don't buy a jacket that selects what you will wear rather buy a jacket you can wear almost everything with.

Go for a good fabric
Your jacket fabric is important if you want your jacket to last and stand the test of time. It should be as tough, as touchable, as warm, as waterproof, as-whatever, as you need it to be. But it shouldn’t do any of those things at the expense of style, so the ultimate jacket is one that excels at both.

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