Top 8 Ways To Extend Your Handbag's Life For Years To Come

There are talks everywhere on how to get good quality bags, how to match them, which is fake and which is not, which designs just got released and so many other stories like that.

How many times though have you ran into one that tells you how to treat your bag so it last you for years? A lot of us have the common knowledge that keeping it aired and in an open space will sustain it and avoid it from peeling but how many knows that knowledge is not enough to keep your handbags in good order and shape always.

There are some other ways which are necessary on how to take good care of your bags with ease at your convenient time, let's make a list below;

Tips for taking care of your bags

• Do not place your bag on the floor. I notice a lot of babe do that, and yes! Some might say it's not a brand name so why bother - well it's good you bother so you will enjoy the bag a little. Placing your bag on the floor will ruin it from below.

• Watch the edges of your bag. When walking or doing anything, be careful not to allow the edges of the bag to keep scraping and hitting things - it starts to peel from there.
• Keep cosmetic and pen away to avoid ink staining on the linen. There is nothing as annoying as this, it is actually necessary to have some essential cosmetic in your bag but put them in a makeup bag.
• Stuff your bag when you are not carrying them anytime soon so it will remain in shape, but do not overstuff bag or it will go out of shape.
• After using your bag, empty it and clean it with soft cloth at least once a week.
• Refrain from hanging your bags or it will change the shape of the handle. Instead of hanging, find a cool place in your wardrobe to neatly sit your bags.

• Rotate the usage of your bags so as to avoid it from wearing out quickly.
• The most used style is for you to place your handbag in a airy and breathable place.

• Do not soak bag in water and soap.
• Do not use wipes except you are certain it is non alcoholic.

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