Wardrobe Essentials #2: Five Accessories Every Woman Must Have

In the first edition of Wardrobe Essentials, we explored the most basic accessories to be found with the man  - those things that can't be missing from his wardrobe.

If you missed it, you can check it out by clicking this link. Now we're looking at the women. Let's go.


Women need this too o! Its not a men-only accessory. It gives whoever wears it that smart, complete look - man or lady.


Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, what have you. The most important of which is earrings. If you decide to skip bling generally, earrings make a good accessory without being too flashy - even the glittering ones. So you should still have them on except you're wearing a hairdo that completely covers the ears. And except you're Deeper Life.

3. Hair Kit
Combs, brushes and the rest are the most important hair grooming and styling tools. Every woman needs these tools to keep their hair in good and presentable state. This is more or less supposed to be the first on this list. That is, if you're not joining the apari ladies gang lol. 


The number of things ladies have to carry around with them can be overwhelming, so the need for bags for the day and clutches (mini-sized bags) cannot be understated. Choose a good looking bag, but go first for comfort - since it's what you'll have with you all day or all evening.


I'm skinned if I don't include this. The women will just take my best tie and strangle me with it.

Tell me ladies, is there anything missed? I need your comments. So that I can repent.
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