Wedding Dazzle #19: Hold up! Yoruba Demons Coming Through

Focusing on our men this time with their Agbada style and pose is no new thing, because if we are honest with ourselves - they make every bit of a wedding celebration more fun.

Who wouldn't trip when you see them in all their glory rocking this style that has now come to be their identity. It has become one of the most rocked traditional attire in the whole country - and this niggas are sure putting in a whole lot of swag and slay to the look.

Agbada has become so versatile that it's no longer restricted to yorubas, the elderly, traditional rulers, the male gender or even the type of styling anymore. Any one from any tribe or gender can rock this attire and style it in many different ways now due to the fact they now come in different materials and designs.

The detailing in some are to die for, the signature 'bad boy' two-hand in front pose gives shiver down the spine and the ability for this attire to turn the wearer into a stylish nigga is beyond our imagination.

Whether it's styled with palm, sandal, shoe, with abeti aja fila, Igbo red cap, or normal fila -  the agbada has shown that truly it is a master piece of style and stability.

Let's enjoy a few selected Agbada ideas to inspire our bobo's to keep dishing us more dope styles;

Wedding Dazzle #19: Hold up! Yoruba Demons Coming Through Wedding Dazzle #19: Hold up! Yoruba Demons Coming Through Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on August 05, 2017 Rating: 5

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