Wedding Dazzle #20: 6 Step To Prepare You Into Being "The" Perfect Wedding Guest

I know it is not your wedding and you must not outshine the bride, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be next in line after her shine - and besides no one can ever outshine a bride on her D-day unless of course you cause a dramatic scene, so don't do that.

Preparing for a wedding you are to attend is really stressful o!!! And the crazy thing is you are not even the bride but you are already stressed out, one can only imagine what the bride goes through.

You have to put it in mind that wedding business issa serious business and you have to take being a wedding guest personal and dress like you will be awarded the best dressed.

For you to be "the" perfect wedding guest, you must follow some rules which are kind of important - and for those who are attending wedding for the first time, this post is for you.

Steps to follow

Get your skin pampered. Nothing you wear will speak more volume if you do not pamper your skin. Everything pops out when you have an eatable and lovely skin, so visit the spa, get your manicure and pedicure done and other important regime for your skin.

Choose the right style. You must sew the right style that will complement and glam the colour of the material, the type of material and your body. This means that your tailor matters. No matter how simple the style is, let heads turn because of it.

Book an appointment with a makeup artist. You have to look dope so therefore, make use of a professional. Doing a sloppy work on your own wouldn't get you anywhere and besides you have to let who ever you book tie a badass gele style for you.

Perfect nails. You remember I said you should get your manicure done right?Attending a wedding with a chipped or partly misplaced nail is a crime, it will definitely get noticed so do the needful. Visit a nail technician.

Get your hair done. Even though you might be on gele, getting your hair done won't cost you anything and besides you have no idea what might call for the occasion of you taking it off. Trust me no one wants to see a perfectly good looking lady with the hair of a rat that looks sick.

Pair with the right accessory. I think it is almost a given now that for you to look more classy to a wedding, you should pair your look up with a clutch purse. Nothing speak class than a pair of good quality clutch, and the right foot wear.

You most definitely cannot wear a thigh high boot or soft boot to a wedding and not even in an Asoebi. So you have to pair with the right heels to finish up your look - your wrist watch, neck piece, earrings, bangles and bracelet also has a major role to play in making you into the perfect wedding guest.


• Stoned gele is the current trend and rave for gele styles.
• Bold coloured nails are best for weddings like red, green or even orange. There are cool and lovely colours right now, try them out.
• Remember to smell heavenly too, your perfume should be on point - be remembered as someone with a good style and smell.
• Pick the right style of outfit, heels, bag, other accessories that will make you comfortable. Remember the goal is to slay and still remain comfortable.
• Don't over accessories and do not mismatch you accessories.
• The purpose for a glam look is to be seen both far and wide, so babes take *pishure* till your phone quits it's job for the day.
• Structured bags can also replace your clutch purse for an elegant look.

Do you feel something was left out? Let us know as there is always room for more steps to be taken for a glam look.

Wedding Dazzle #20: 6 Step To Prepare You Into Being "The" Perfect Wedding Guest Wedding Dazzle #20: 6 Step To Prepare You Into Being "The" Perfect Wedding Guest Reviewed by chidinma akinsanya on August 12, 2017 Rating: 5

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