Week Inspiration: When To Allow Your Pride Show And When To Keep It Down?

August 14, 2017

How do you know when to let your pride up and when to let it down? Having pride and allowing it to show up once in a while is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is a good thing to stand tall and to let it show out especially when you are being ridiculed or betrayed - this is called 'Ego'

It is said that "pride is the beginning of a man's fall," true! If you allow it get too much of which most people are found guilty of this; either while driving, at work, in school, or virtually everywhere!

However, what happens in days when a fight can be ended with just a little apology, what happens when all that is needed is for one out of the two people fighting to just open up about his/her feelings - but instead allows pride to come in and ruin things further.

Do not be afraid to admit when you have done something wrong. It takes an extremely strong person to apologize and face a mistake. Although it is much easier to run and use pride as a cover up, but it's better and more responsible to pull your pride down and own up to the situation.

By showing these perceived weaknesses, you ultimately become stronger. Isn’t that ironic? Everything that you have been trying to avoid, are the actual things that you should be embracing. This is where you gain wisdom, the right ego and strength.

Let go of your pride. People will value the strength and courage that it takes to be vulnerable and show your true self. By removing your pride, you will have deeper and more valuable connections.

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